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Only in Wrestling, and Wrestling is fake.

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Q: Is there a fighting move where you jump up and grab your opponent's head with your feet then slam him or her into the nearest table or to the ground?
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Who gets the point if your shot misses the opponents table in table tennis?

The opponent will get the point.According to the format of the game the aim of the game is to hit maximum no of returns on our opponents side and get him miss those shots.This is table tennis.A game which requires a lot of your focus and quick reflexes.

What group is the nearest neighbor to the noble gases in the periodic table?

Group-17 is the nearest neighbor to the noble gases in the periodic table.

Is water table and ground water the same?

Similar, the water table is where we find ground water, ground water is simply water in the ground

How do you win a tornado table tag match on smack down vs raw 2009?

You put both of your opponents through a table

Can you score a point in table tennis if it is not your serve?

Table tennis features a continuous scoring system. This means that you can score points when it is your opponents serve.

What are the foul lines on ping pong table?

there are no foul lines for singles in table tennis, but for doubles you are only allowed to serve from the right half of your side of the table to the opponents right half (cross court/table).

What does ground water have to do with the water table?

The water table is the term for how deep underground you have to dig to find ground water.

How does water enter the water table?

the ground water seeps through the ground strata into the subterranean water table

What is to the nearest hundred?

It is finding a number in the 100 times table which is nearest to the given number.

How does a player try to outscore his opponent in table tennis?

A point occurs when one player strikes the ball so that it bounces on the opponents side of the table without reply.

What is the reaction force when you place a cup on the table?

The table and the ground it stands on.

How can table tennis players get the extra edge over their opponents?

The best method is to practice more than your opponent.

How do you make a person go through a table on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

If it is not a tables match, all you have to do is take the top off of the announcer table. Then, Irish whip or drag your opponents onto the table and the "use finisher" option should pop up.If it is a tables match then you can do the same or set up your own table. If you set up a normal table, you must drag your opponent over to the table. Irish whips do not work. Also note that in a tables match, at least one portion of your opponents limb damage must be in the red to smash them through a table.

Which one of your kin is nearest to you at the dinner table?


Is the ground dry above water table?

Yes it is above the water table.

Why did arthur choose a round table rather than a long table for his knights?

That was traditionally to keep them from fighting about who was important enough to sit at the head of the table.

Do Chinese eat on the ground or the table?

I'm Chinese and i normally eat on the table i think Chinese mostly eat on the table

How do you win a point in table tennis?

To win a point at table tennis you need to make the ball bounce on your opponents side of the table, without it having bounced on your side first. If your opponent cannot return the shot in the same manner, you win the point.

How do you raise a chicken for the table?

Run fast for the nearest chair.....

Why is three legged table stronger than a four legged table?

A triangle is the strongest geometric figure It is not necessarily stronger but it will stand on the ground on all legs when the ground is uneven, unlike a table with more legs

What is the net ball in table tennis?

Net ball is called "Let" in table tennis. A Let occurs when a served ball hits the net and lands on the opponents side of the table. There is no penalty, the server just serves again.

Why wont a book resting on a table fall to the ground What forces are acting on the book?

Table power

Does Gankoomon lift up a table and slam it on the ground or does he actually throw it?

The table is merely metaphorical, he flips the ground itself and the earth used in the attack becomes as hard as Chrome Digizoid.

What is the top level of ground water called?

The top level of ground water is called the Water Table.

What is the top level of the ground water called?

The top level of ground water is called the Water Table.