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It's an Olympic sport, so yes.

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Q: Is there a famous competition in fencing?
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When was the Olympic fencing competition first electronically scored?

Berlin, 1936

What is the lightest weapon used in Olympic fencing competition?

Foil I believe

What equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition?

The following equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition: Underarm Protector Chest Plate (For Ladies) Body Cords (2) Fencing Jacket Electrical Foil Lame Electrical Foils (2) Fencing knickers (pants) Knee- high socks Shoes Mask

How many fencing Participants in the 2008?

233 individual fencers competed in various events in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Fencing competition.

How do you dress up for a foil fencing competition?

By way of fencing gear and equipment that one would wear, you would have to have:KnickersLong socks to go with themA JacketA Foil Lame (A Vest)A GloveA maskPreferably two foils, maybe moreAt least two body cords.(Optional) Fencing ShoesDepending on the competition, you can wear casually spiffy clothing to the competition before you will fence.

What officials are in the sport fencing?

The official rules of sport fencing encompass everything from the length of games, also known as bouts, to the type of fencing equipment that each player uses. Even though rules can vary, depending on the type of sport fencing, most modern forms share a few common characteristics. In a fencing competition, individual members of fencing teams compete one on one with players from opposing teams. When a player touches an opponent with a fencing sword, that player earns a point. The team that receives the greatest number of cumulative points wins the competition.

Who is famous athletes in fencing?

Richard Kruse and Laurence Halstead

Who is the Hometown Hopeful for the US Fencing Team?

The US hometown fencing hopeful for the 2008 Olympics was Mariel Zagunis for the Women's Sabre competition. She ended up getting first.

How many fencing medals has Canada won in olympic competition?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, 0.

What famous great British people play fencing?

David Tennant fences.

What country is famous for fencing?

One country that has consistently won medals in the fencing events at the Olympics is France. Their modern Olympic fencing medal breakdown is: France (44 golds, 41 silvers, 35 bronzes)

Which a famous soccer competition is the FA?


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