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Anthony Mundine, the boxer and Rugby league star, is the son of Tony Mundine, the boxer, and Lyn Mundine. He has a sister, Kellie.

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Q: Is there a family tree on Anthony Mundine?
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Did Anthony Mundine senior ever fight Cassius Clay and when?

No . Mundine Senior was a Middleweight .

Why did Anthony Mundine start playing football?

because he liked it

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How tall is Anthony Mundine?

Anthony Mundine is 5' 11".

What nicknames does Anthony Mundine go by?

Anthony Mundine goes by The Man.

Where does Anthony Mundine live now?

Anthony Mundine lives in Australia.

Who Is Lyn Mundine?

Mother to Anthony Mundine WBA Champion

Who is Anthony mundine?

His father,former middleweight contender,Tony Mundine.

Is Anthony Mundine Christian?


How much does Anthony mundine earn?

Anthony mundine earns around 1.4 million Australian dollars a year

Who is Anthony Mundine's coach?

His father,former middleweight contender,Tony Mundine.

Did Anthony Mundine senior ever fight Cassius Clay and when?

No . Mundine Senior was a Middleweight .

Who is Anthony mundines mum?

Lyn Mundine

How old is Anthony Mundine?


What is the Maiden Name of Anthony Mundine Mother and is she Aboriginal?