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Yes the main difference is a Scuba tank is used for high pressure breathing air (3200-5000 PSI). A paintball tank has a lower PSI rating and is also measured in ounces not PSI. Even though most people use a breathing air compressor to fill paintball tanks.

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Q: Is there a difference in a scuba tank and a paintball tank?
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Where can you go to have a paintball guns 3000 psi tank refilled?

your local paintball field. Or you can purchase a scuba tank and adapter to fill the paintball tank with and every once in a while fill the scuba tank up if you live like out in the middle of nowhere

Where can you get a high pressur carbon fiber tank filled in southern minnasota?

if there are no paintball shops around you see if you can find either a welding shop or a scuba shop, the scuba shops can offten fill it almost full and if your lucky the weld shop can but that is rare

What propels a paintball?

A compressed C02 tank or High Pressure Air tank propels the paintball.

What do the numbers mean on a scuba tank?

The numbers on a scuba tank reveal 3 things. Serial no. of the tank. Type metal. and the current hydro date.

Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?

Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

How can a scuba-diver breath underwater?

From a regulator attached to a scuba tank.

What do you need to fill a HPA paintball tank at home provided you have a 4500psi air compressor?

All you need is a hose that connects to the tank and a valve to regulate it. However a 4500 psi compressor is much, much more expensive than either getting the tank filled by itself, or buying a scuba tank to refill from.

What is Weight of steel 100 scuba tank?

The empty weight of a 100 cubic foot steel SCUBA tank is approximately 33lbs.

How can you fix the pin valve in a ninja paintball tank?

Take it to an airsmith or paintball tech.

How much does a scuba tank weigh when filled?

Depends on the size of the tank.

How much does a filled scuba tank weigh?

Depends on the size of the tank.

Will a 24oz tank break a paintball gun?