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No there is not difference in the stitches of a Baseball and softball. The softball is just larger, but the stitches are the same.

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Q: Is there a difference between a baseball stitch and a herringbone stitch?
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How do you do an airing bone stitch?

I believe you are referring to a "herringbone stitch." Here is a video link showing how to make a herringbone stitch:

Can you name ten embroidery stitches?

satin lazy daisy couching herringbone running whipped stitch stem stitch french stitch wheat stitch back stitch

When and where are decorative stitches used?

Any embroidery stitches are decorative. Most modern sewing machines have several built-in decorative stiches, including the feather stitch, cross stitch, entredeau, and scallop. In hand sewing, just a few of countless decorative stitches are the chain, French knot, vine, and satin stitches.

Is it a lace or a stitch on a baseball?


What is the difference between stitch grass and Johnson grass?

one is yellow and the other is pink

What is the stitch pattern on a baseball called?

it's called a baseball stitch.

What is the difference between a 'lock stitch' and a 'straight stitch'?

Straight stitch is just a regular stich going in and back out; although, a Lock stitch is similar to straight but the thread comes back around goes through itself to almost form a knot.

What is Assisi embroidery?

Assisi embroidery is a form of counted thread work. It is characterised by a background filled with embroidery stitches and the main motifs left as voids (see negative design), without stitching. The background stitches include cross stitch, herringbone stitch and long and short cross stitch. The main motifs are often outlined with stem stitch.

What is the difference between the bernina 530 and the 530-2 sewing machines?

The 530-2 had additional embroidery designs and most importantly it added the blind stitch which the 530 did not have.

What is the difference between a satin stitch towel and banded sateen towel?

With the satin towel you are will get a better quality after many washes and cleanings. And with satin you will avoid getting fading.

How do you increase while crocheting?

When crocheting you can increase by making two stitches in the same stitch. You can also make a stitch between two stitches.

What is a intercostal stitch?

Intercostal refers to the spaces between ribs. A stitch is where a build up of lactic acid and lack of oxygen causes a muscle to spasm and cause a lot of pain and usually occurs during exercise. So an intercostal stitch is likely a stitch in the ribs.