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no there is no conecction in betwen Usain Bolt & bolt

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โˆ™ 2013-06-12 22:51:01
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Q: Is there a connection to Usain Bolt and bolt the dog?
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Can Usain Bolt outrun a dog?


What is Usain Bolt's favorite things to do?

playing with his dog

Is usain bolt faster than a dog?


What other things Usain Bolt likes instead of running?

He like playing with his dog.

Who is Bolt the dog?

he is a cartoon dog in the movie Bolt!

Which Kind Of Dog Is Bolt?

bolt is a American white Shepard

Is bolt the dog really a super - dog?

Well Bolt the super dog is a real dog you see Bolt is one of my dogs and i said why dont we use bolt and so it happend so you see he is not a real super dog but i edited it and well he is a super dog us !

In the movie Bolt who is the main character?

Lol Bolt. Bolt is the main character. He's the white dog.

What type of Dog is Bolt in the Movie of Bolt?

west highland terrier

What breed of dog is Bolt from the Walt Disney Movie Bolt?


What kind of dog is Bolt in the Disney movie?

The Fully awesome Bolt, is a white American shepherd dog

Who is Bolt?

Bolt is an animated Disney Dog from the movie called "Bolt"and he is a white American shepherd who thinks he has superpowers.

Bolt the Movie?

Bolt is in theaters now. It is about a dog who finds a journey. The person who plays the dog Bolt is played by John Trovolta from the movie Hairspray. The girl who plays Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana. Bolt is a comedy movie.

What is the name of penny's dog in Disney's?

If you're thinking of the recent Disney film Bolt, Penny's dog is called Bolt.

What genre is the 2008 movie Bolt?

The 2008 Bolt is a animated children's movie about a dog with superpowers.

What is the image bolt has on his dog collar?


What dog is bolt the superdog?

maybe himself

Who Is Bolt in Bolt?

Bolt is the main character in the movie BoltTM. He is the all white, brown eyed dog with the black make-up drawn lightning bolt on his right side.Bolt is voiced by John Travolta.

What kind of dog plays in the movie Bolt?

Bolt was loosely based on the American White Shepherd, according to Disney.

Is 'Bolt' a real dog?

No, he is fake- he is a cartoon animation.

Travolta provided the voice of which movie dog?

Bolt .

Is coke bolt a good name for a dog?


What is the movie 'Bolt' about?

It's about a TV show about a super dog named Bolt. But when bolt runs away, he thinks his super powers such as, super bark, zoom zoom, and stare are real. But soon Bolt relizes he has no powers

What type of dog is bolt?

Bolt is a white Alaskan Husky. Even though he does not have blue eyes, not all huskies do. Pandadragongirl: I think he's a white terrier bolt is a white German shepherd or a white terrier German Shepherd: there are some white German shepherd's and bolt has a body similar to it. White Terrier: i also have a white terrier and my dog holds his ears the same as bolt did at the part with puppy face when he wants something, and a cat next to my dog is the same as bolt and mittens. also next to a grown adult bolt is a small dog, if he was a German shepherd, he wouldn't be able to fit in the net

Can Bolt run 40 mph?

The canine star of movies about a super-powered dog, Bolt believes that he can run super-fast. Bolt (2008) was an animated feature film.