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Q: Is there a coin toss in high school football?
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In which sport do you have a coin toss?


Is the coin used in the toss in football real?

Yes, it is an actuall coin. It has no monitary value

How is a football game started?

the American football game is started with a coin toss then a kickoff

Who receives first in a football game?

the one who wins the coin toss

When did college football adopt the defer rule on the coin toss?


Which team starts a football match?

The team that wins the coin toss. (heads or tails)

What type of play starts a football game?

Ok, in football the referee will toss a coin and then ask a player if he wants to kick off with possession first half or second half.

How is it decided which end of the ground your team kicks to in football?

theres a coin toss. whoever wins picks

How does a football game start off?

by a whistle and a toss of a coin to see which team kicks off first

How high are the chances to play and win a coin toss?

The chances if someone winning a coin toss are 50/50. Depending on which side of the coin one chooses such as head, when the coin is tossed there is a 50 percent chance that the coin will land on either heads or tails.

Are you allowed to cheat in a coin toss?

You are not allowed to cheat in a coin toss. NEVER!

Who won the coin toss in Super Bowl XLV?

The Packers won the coin toss.