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Q: Is there a coach or bus from bournemouth to st austell?
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When was St Austell Brewery created?

St Austell Brewery was created in 1851.

When was A.F.C. St Austell created?

A.F.C. St Austell was created in 1890.

When was St Austell Gulls created?

St Austell Gulls was created in 1949.

When was St Austell railway station created?

St Austell railway station was created in 1859.

When was Radio St Austell Bay created?

Radio St Austell Bay was created on 2008-01-28.

What is the area of St Austell Clay Pits?

The area of St Austell Clay Pits is 6,000.0 square meters.

What is the country code and area code of St Austell United Kingdom?

The country code and area code of St Austell, United Kingdom is 44, (0)1726.

What cornish town was the centre of the china clay industry in the 18th century?

St Austell

What is the time from Plymouth to st austell by train?

train time is around 60 minutes

How many people live in st austell Cornwall?

in 2005there was roughly 519,400 people in Cornwall

What is the name of the botanical project near st austell?

The botanical project near St Austell is called the Eden Project. It is a popular visitor attraction in Cornwall, UK, known for its giant biomes housing plants from different climates and environments around the world.

Where does the ferry at Bournemouth take you to?

From Poole harbour to Cherbourge or Octville or st Mallo or Gurnsie or St Hellier