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Q: Is there a celtic supporters club in bournemouth?
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Why are Celtic fans called the Tims?

Celtic fans are called the Tims by some rival supporters as a derogatory term, based on the historical association of the club with the Catholic community in Glasgow. The term is considered offensive by many Celtic supporters.

Who has more supporters Glasgow Celtic or Manchester utd?

Glasgow Celtic

The best football club in the world?

Celtic FC have been awarded best fans awards and best supporters awards and have fans like no other club in the world therfore they are the best supported club in the world.

What football club known as cherries?

AFC Bournemouth.

Who are the Cherries?

Cherries is the nickname for Bournemouth football club.

When was Melbourne Celtic Club created?

Melbourne Celtic Club was created in 1887.

When was Celtic Camogie Club created?

Celtic Camogie Club was created in 1934.

Which football club has the largest Pompey supporters club?

Pompey refers to Portsmouth FC and it is this team that has the largest Pompey supporters club. the club was bought by the Pompey Supporters Trust in 2013.

Are Celtic football club good?

Celtic football club is a good club in scotland. it always stands first or second.

Are Celtic and Rangers called Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers?

No, they are known as"The Celtic Football Club" and "Rangers Football Club". The use of the "Glasgow" prefix is wrong.

Is Celtic football club bankrupt?


Britsih football club without the letters football in its full name?

AFC Bournemouth?