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Currently, there are no black male drivers in any of the top three Nascar racing series. Bill Lester drove from 1999 to 2007. He competed in one Nationwide Series race, two Nextel Cup Series races and 142 Truck Series races.

Marc Davis, who was a Nascar developmental driver, competed in nine Nationwide Series races and three Truck Series races from 2008 to 2010.

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Q: Is there a black male NASCAR driver?
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Who is Shortest male NASCAR driver?

Mark martin

Can a female be a NASCAR racer?

Yes, they can. Just like a male driver, they just have to have the talent and be able to find an owner and acquire a sponsor. If a female driver is that good, she will be able to stay in the Nascar ranks.

Who was the first black NASCAR driver?

I believe it was Wendell Scott, I know he is the only black driver to win a Nascar race, the race he won was in Jacksonville, Florida at speedway park on December, 1st 1963, he retired in 1973.

Who was the first black woman driver to win the Nascar championship?

No black woman has ever raced in Nascar. I don't know if one even has raced in professional motorsports.

Who is the NASCAR driver for Kia?

There is not a Nascar driver for Kia.

Black race car drivers?

The Macleran driver from England Lewis Hamilton is a black driver.. Willie T. Ribbs was the first Black NASCAR driver, racing in the Craftsmen Truck Series

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the richest Nascar driver with 100,000,000+.

Is Stevie Waltrip female or male?

Stevie Waltrip is a female. She is the wife of former Nascar driver Darrell Waltrip.

Why does NASCAR have black flags?

When a driver has severely violated the rules of NASCAR or is driving in a manner which creates a threat to other drivers and even fans at the track, they will be "black flagged" or pulled from the race and not allowed to return to the track. A driver can also be black flagged if the car itself is somehow posing a danger to the other drivers although usually a driver will leave the field prior to that on advice from his crew.

What is the name of the first black race car driver?

You may be thinking about Wendell Scott, who was the first (and to date, only) African-American driver to win a NASCAR race, the 1964 event at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, Florida.Exact records are unclear, but he is believed to be the first African-American to obtain a NASCAR license. In his book, Hard Driving: The American Odyssey of NASCAR's First Black Driver, Brian Donovan chronicles Scott's career as a driver.

Who is NASCAR driver Kurt Busch?

Kurt Busch is a former Nascar Cup Series champion and the brother of Nascar driver Kyle Busch.

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is he died?

The NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is not dead. He races in the number 48 car in the NASCAR races.

Who is the tallest NASCAR driver of all time?

Buddy Baker was the tallest driver to ever race in NASCAR at 6'6. Michael Waltrip is the tallest current driver racing in NASCAR at 6'5.

Who was Nascar driver Bill Elliott's first wife?

NASCAR driver Bill Elliott's first wife was Martha Elliott.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver out there?

The driver who has made the most money from NASCAR and is the richest is Jeff Gordon.

Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

Who was the gay Nascar driver?

Currently, there hasn't been a Nascar driver who admitted to being gay.

Is NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gay?

The popular Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, is not gay.

Is Ricky Scarborough a NASCAR driver?

No, he's not a driver currently in any of Nascar's top three series.

How tall is NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson?

Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson is 5'11".

How many years of college do you need to be a Nascar driver?

A person does not have to attend college in order to be a Nascar driver.

When did Richard Petty want to be a NASCAR driver?

He was pretty much born to it. His father Lee, was a NASCAR driver.

How much does Nascar driver Ryan Newman weigh?

Nascar driver Ryan Newman is listed at 207 lbs.

When was NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award created?

NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award was created in 1956.