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MLB has no time curfew, umpires, however, can call the game if they feel it is not reasonable to start or finish a game that day/night, due to weather. If a game is already started and in extra innings it will continue until the game is completed

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Q: Is there a baseball imposed time curfew for games to stop play?
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Is there a curfew in Major League Baseball?

Baseball itself does not have a general curfew. Curfews can still be imposed by cities which host MLB ballparks, but none that are currently in existence have the ability to curtail the play of a game at a given time.

How many can play the games are in baseball?

well if games baseball dogs 32.

How many games baseball players play in a session?

Major league baseball seasons consist of 162 games

How many games do the national baseball teams play a year?

162 games

How many games does a baseball team play in a season?

A Major League Baseball baseball team plays a regular season of 162 games. Of course, more games are played when a team competes in the play-offs leading to the World Series championship.

How may days are in 162 baseball season games?

Baseball teams play 162 games in 181 to 183 days.

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How many games do teams play in the Major League Baseball?

An MLB team is scheduled to play 162 games in a season.

Where do the Atlanta Braves play baseball?

They play homer games at Turner Field, Atlanta, and they play road games at whoevers' stadium they are playing against.

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How many games does a single major league baseball team play?

162 games

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The Tigers play their home games at Comerica Park in Detroit.

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In the spring, we play Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc.

How many games do the Major League Baseball players play in a season?

162 games in each Major League Baseball Season

How many games do baseball teams play in 1 year?

Major League baseball teams play a 162 game season.

How many games do teams in single A baseball play?


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National Anthem

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How many games goesMajor League baseball te ms are therehow many games do an official baseball team play in a season?


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