Is there a WNBA video game?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No, but in NBA Live 09 for Wii, you can play as 20 different WNBA players.

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Q: Is there a WNBA video game?
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Will they make a WNBA video game?

sorry for answering a question with a question but WNBA? what is that?

Where will the 2013 WNBA all-star game be played?

The WNBA All-Star game will be in New York City

Will there be a WNBA PS2 game?

i think there will be cause the wnba is coming up plus its not fair

How many minutes are in a WNBA quarter?

There are 10 minutes in each of the four quarers in a WNBA game.

What are Lisa Leslie achievements?

4x olympic gold medalist(1996,2000,2004,2008),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,First WNBA player to reach 3,000 point plateau,MVP of both WNBA finals and All-Star game at the same season(2002),Led WNBA in rebounds in 1997 and 1998,First player to win both WNBA finals MVP and All-Star game MVP,3x WNBA MVP (2001,2004,2006),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,7x WNBA All-Star (1999-2003,2005,2006)2x Defensive Player Of The Year (2004,2008),All-Decade Team,All-WNBA First Team(1997,2000-2004,2006),All-WNBA Second Team(1998,1999,2005),All-Defensive First Team(2006),All-Defensive Second Team(2005)

When was WNBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award created?

WNBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award was created in 1999.

When was the first WNBA game?

June 21st 1997

What WNBA team won the first game in 1892?

um.....the WNBA didn't start until 1996....somebody is pulling yo leg

How many points were scored in one WNBA basketball game?


How many tickets were the most tickets sold at a WNBA game?


Who do you think will win the WNBA finals?

Which game? I think I would win.

How much money does a WNBA player make a game?

about 30 trillion in just one game! hahahha