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The answer is no because then the NBA teams would ever have been this good.

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Q: Is there a NBA player that went to college but never played college Basketball?
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What team did LeBron James play for in college football?

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

Was Hitler a good basketball player?

Hitler never played basketball.

What degree do you need from college to become a pro-basketball player?

No degree is required to become a pro-basketball player. Some players such as LeBron James never went to college.

Was Kevin Nash an NBA player?

No. Kevin Nash was never an NBA player. He did play college basketball for the University of Tennessee and later played professional basketball in Europe but a torn ACL cut his career short.

Are there any college basketball coaches that never played in college or the pros?

Lawrence Frank, New Jersey Nets

Which college basketball coaches never played college basketball?

Rick Majera, Gene Keady, Bruce Weber, Mark Few, Tom Crean and Bruce Pearl.

How many pro football players never played college ball?

45,000 Including Joe Reitz from the Colts who played basketball at Northwestern in college.

What basketball player who has never played organized or high school sports but who played for the NBA?

Michael Jordan

What was the name of a professional basketball player who never played organized or high school sports but who played for the NBA?

Rafer Alston

Did Preston Pearson play college football?

No Preston Pearson went to the University of Illinois and excelled at basketball. He never played college football.

Did J cole the rapper play basketball for St Johns?

No, J. Cole never played ball for any college.

Who was the best college football player who never played in the nfl?

walter paton

Do you have to play a year of basketball before playing college basketball?

Unless you're just a man at basketball and you've never played, you're probably not gonna make it.. Haha, but you don't have to play before, you just have to be good enough.

Can you play junior college football if you never played high school football?

Yes. Any athlete can walk on in Junior College, NCAA and NFL to try out. If they are selected based on ability to perform the assigned roles they will suit up. An example of a football player (NFL example) with very little football experience (was a brusing basketball player in college) is Antonio Gates for San Diego.

Where did Lil Wayne play basketball?

He never played basketball

Who is Andre Montgomery the basketball player?

Andre Montgomery is Miss Robbie's grandson. He was recently shot dead in St. Louis, Missouri. He never played basketball on a professional level, but he may have pursued it as a hobby. Most people have played basketball at least once in their life.

What basketball team did Forrest Gump play for?

umm.... he never played basketball.

Which NBA team did White Shadow star Ken Howard play for?

Ken Howard never played professional basketball; just at the high school and college levels.

Did Michael Jordan's brother Larry Jordan Play basketball?

yes he played a little basketball i don't think he ever played competitively but he helped Michael be the player he was. He never played in the NBA but he and Michael played when they were kids. Larry always used to beat Michael, but then Michael gradually started to beat him almost every time.

Has cheryl miller ever been married?

As of July 2014, Cheryl Miller has never been married. She is a former college women's basketball player. She is currently the coach at Langston University.

Did Obama play basketball what year?

Barack Obama was never a professional basketball player, nor did he play for any semi-pro teams. He mainly played basketball in high school, where he earned praise as an excellent shooter. To this day, he still enjoys the game, and plays basketball with his friends when he has some free time.

Who is Michael hermon?

He used to be a superstar basketball player in the Chicago area in the early 1990's. He was very highly regarded, but never really did much with basketball. He played at Hales Franciscan as a freshman and later transferred to King High School. He played one year (1995) at Indiana University. Don't really know what happened to him after that. Recently, (2011-2012) was Director of Basketball Player Personnel at Chicago State University.

When does the referee call an out in basketball?

Never, a player can not be called out since it is not baseball. But a player can be ejected from the game

Which of these never played basketball for Georgetown university?

Stephan marbury

Do you have to have an education to become a pro basketball player?

No, but pro teams will not sign anyone who is not at least old enough to have completed high school. LeBrons James was picked up right after high school and never went to college.