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No, not since the 2009 season.

The Cincinnati Reds moved their spring training site from Sarasota to Goodyear, Arizona in 2010. They sold their class A club of the Florida League, the Sarasota Reds, to the Pittsburgh Pirates following the 2009 season. The Pirates relocated the team to Bradenton for the 2010 season and called them the Marauders.

The Reds moved their rookie team that played in the Gulf Coast League to the Arizona League starting in 2010.

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Q: Is there a Major League Baseball farm team in Sarasota?
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Football teams do not have farm teams. Minor League or farm teams are associated with Major League Baseball.

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1921--An agreement was signed which allowed a Major League team to own Minor League teams. Branch Rickey of the St. Louis Cardinals used this to establish the farm system, controlling players at different classifications of Minor League Baseball and developing them for his team. More info at

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the club.

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the huntsville stars and the milwalke brewwers You can find all Major League team's minor league afficiations by going to and clicking on any team to find their "farm" clubs.