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Q: Is there a Bundesliga option file for pes 2010?
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what is password for pes 2010 encrypted setup file?

what is password for pes 2010 encrypted setup file?

How do you update an option file?

on ps3...(for pes 2009)

How do you play PES 2010 online?

go to and type PES 2010

When pes 2010 come out?

PES 201023rd October 2009

Where is a pes shop in pes 2010?

there is on psp you go on gallery go down until pes chop and there you are

When does pes 11 come out?

Comes out in November 2010 (PES is better than FIFA)

Is maccabi haifa on pes 2010?


Which one do you like Pes 2010 or FIFA 2010?

fifa 2010

Where can you get pes 2008 KGB file free download?

you can get from:

When will pes 2010 come out?

In October 7th.

When was pes 2011 out?

It was out October 19 2010

When did Giorgio Pes die?

Giorgio Pes died on July 22, 2010, in Rome, Lazio, Italy.