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Wouldn't think so. The maximum clubhead size allowed under the rules of Golf is 460cc.

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Q: Is there a 650cc golf clubhead for lefties?
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Ernest Jones has written: 'Swing the clubhead' -- subject(s): Swing (Golf), Golf

Golf terms that begin with c?

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Can golf be played left-handed?

Certainly! There are sets of left handed golf clubs made specifically for lefties. Ben Hogan and Phil Mickelson are two of the most famous left handed players.

Illegal golf club head?

An illegal golf club head is anything that is over 460cc's They are best found on the internet. I have one that is 650cc and oh man is it HUGE! I love it. It's is definitely a conversation peice. Hope this helps, Sean

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What does the cc mean on a golf club?

It's the volume of the clubhead. Giant drivers now run 460 cc, hybrids somewhere around 100 cc, fairway woods somewhere in between.

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What does RL flex mean on a golf shaft?

Different manufacturer's of golf clubs have different names for shafts of the same specs. RL is equivalent to; A flex, L Flex ( Light flex not Ladies) and the more commonly known seniors flex. These shafts are designed for a lower clubhead speed.

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What is grounded in golf?

Grounding the club means actually touching the club to the ground when the ball is in a hazard. The club cannot touch the ground until you make you swing.