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Yes, there is. There are about 3 or 4.

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Q: Is there AAU basketball in Johnston County NC?
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How many square miles does johnston county North Carolina cover?

Johnston County, NC's area is 796 square miles.

Where is the location of Johnston County Schools?

The location of Johnston County Schools is as follows: Johnston County Schools, 2320 U.S. 70 Business, Smithfield, NC 27577. To reach them by phone, one can call: (919) 934-6031.

What is salisbury the capital of?

Salisbury, NC is the capital (county seat) of Rowan County (NC).

What county is Wilson NC is in?

Wilson County

What county is Greensboro NC in?

Guilford County

What County is Charlotte NC in?

Mecklenburg County

What county is Goldsboro NC in?

Wayne county

When and where was baseball player Fred Johnston born?

Fred Johnston was born July 9, 1899, in Charlotte, NC, USA.

In nc do you have to file for divorce in the same county you live in?

In nc do you have to file for divorce in the county you live in

What county do you live in if your zip code is 28713?

Bryson City, NC or Swain County, NC

What is the county seat of Clay County NC?


What is the county seat in Dare County NC?


Which county in nc has five vowels in it?

Transylvania County

What is the county seat of NC?

You need to specify a county.

Town in North Carolina that starts with a T?

Tar Heel is a town in Bladen County, NC. Turkey is a town in Sampson County, NC. Tryon is a town in Polk County, NC.

Is Cary NC part of Wake County or Chatham County?

wake county

How many square miles in Stanly county NC?

Stanly County, NC covers 404 square miles.

What county is ZIP Code 28526?

It is in Craven County, NC.

What are famous people in Onslow County NC?

Sam Sawyer and Charlie Sanders are two famous people who are from Onslow County, NC. Also, congressman John Williams Shackelford is from Onslow County, NC.

How many square miles are in Nash county nc?

Nash County, NC has a total area of 543 square miles.

How many square miles is Craven county NC?

Craven County, NC has a total area of 774 square miles.

What county is Roper NC in?

Roper, North Carolina is in Washington County.

What county is Asheville NC in?

Asheville, North Carolina is in Buncombe County.

What county is Kernersville NC in?

Kernersville, North Carolina is in Forsythe County.

What county has the most active NFL players?

Robeson County, NC