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Q: Is there 3rd and 4th place match in champions league?
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Do 3rd place in prem league go into a play off for champions league?

No it is the fourth team that go into play off,the third automatically qualify.

What year did ac milan win back to back champions league medals?

1989 and 1990. It was their 3rd and 4th Champions League victories respectively.

What clubs won the champions league title?

1st place:Real Madrid with 9 titles 2nd place: AC Milan with 7 titles 3rd place: Liverpool with 5 titles

How many times have Newcastle been in the champions league?

They have played in the Champions League tournament twice. Their first appearance was in the 1997-98 season and the second in the 2002-03 season. They also have reached the 3rd Qualifying round of the Champions league once in 2003-04.

What teams qualified for premier league 2012-13 season from championships?

Reading, 1st place, Champions Southampton, 2nd place, Runners-up West Ham, 3rd place, Play-Off Winners

When was the last goal in 1999 champions league?

The last goal of the legendary 1999 champions league final was scored in the 3rd minute of inury time. It was scored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?

Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

How many teams qualifies for the uefa champion league from fa premier league?

4 teams qualify for the Uefa Champions League. In the premier league table, whoever finished 1st and 2nd goes through to the Champions league group stages automaticly, whilst whoever finished 3rd and 4th have to play in the 3rd round of the qualifing stage against a team from a different country. If they win....... They get to join the other teams in the group stages of the champions league, if they lose, they are out of it.

Which player has won the 3rd 2nd 1st division the Champions league the FA Cup the league cup but not the premier league?

Matthew Clarke in my FMH 2010, good times.

Does the winner of the europa cup qualify for thE champions league?

Yes. In which case the club with the highest league position that hasn't qualifed for Europe by other means(cup competetions etc) will usually get a place in the next seasons Europa League, usually entering at the 3rd qualifing round.

When was the first soccer game held between Manchester United and The Internaziomales?

Wednesday 3rd March 1999 Manchester United won 2-0 Dwight Yorke scored twice The match was the first leg of the 1999 UEFA Champions League

Is Arsenal or Man United better?

2006- Present, probably Manchester United. 2008/2009 season could be their 3rd successive league title and 2nd successive Champions League.

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