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Yes kickboxing is used in the military, but it is cardio-kickboxing. Cardio-kickboxing increases stamina, strength, self-disipline and many other things. It also makes it so that you take oxygen into your body easier, making it so you can run or swim for longer distances when your lung capacity is larger. So the benefits of cardio-kickboxing are much better than just regular kickboxing.

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Q: Is their kickboxing in the military?
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Does kickboxing have weight divisions?

Kickboxing weight classes are weight categories specific to the kickboxing discipline

Do many kickboxing schools also teach martial arts?

Actually, kickboxing is a form of Martial Arts. And mostly, kickboxing schools do teach other disciplines. But if the major concentration of school is 100% kickboxing, then Kickboxing only.

What is a great DVD for a kickboxing workout?

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Research Yaw Yan, it's supposed to be a Filipino version of kickboxing. Also, styles like Sikaran may have a kickboxing component.

Are there any good benefits of doing a kickboxing workout and are kickboxing workouts good for all ages?

There are many benefits to kickboxing workouts, such as cardio, and overall balance for your body. Kickboxing can be dangerous but under adult supervision is okay for all ages.

When was All Japan Kickboxing Federation created?

All Japan Kickboxing Federation was created in 1987.

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Yes, there are special boots that you need for kickboxing.

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