Is their any games like buzzer beater?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Yes there is such game as buzzer beater

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Q: Is their any games like buzzer beater?
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In Futsal can you score on the whistle - we played a game and we scored exactly when the whistle was blown - the ball was still in play before the goal?

If the futsal court is set up properly, there will be a clock with an automatic buzzer. If there is no buzzer, the referee will keep the time, and use his whistle instead of a buzzer. In either case, the rule is the same.If you are familiar with basketball, the "buzzer-beater" rule is essentially the same: if the ball is played before the buzzer sounds, the goal will count if it goes in. If there is any intervening play that is not a deliberate save, or if the ball touches or is played again by any member of the attacking team, it will not count.

What are steady hand games?

a steady hand game is a game where you have to move the wand alond the wire and try not to touch it. if at any point you touch the wire you will hear a "buzz" sound. this is powered by a buzzer and the buzzer is powered by a battery. so this consists of a battery, a buzzer, a wand and some wire. they can come in many shapes and sizes.

What type of motion an electronic egg beater has?

an electronic beater of any kind has kinetic energy

What will happen to a buzzzer conected to an open circuit?

The buzzer will not work because there is a break in the circuit, the buzzer wont make any sound at all and it will do nothing else.

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a piezo sounder is a buzzer, all it needs is an electron flow through it like any other component and then: "hey presto, there's an annoying noise in the room" :)

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