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Q: Is theere any indoor skydiving areas near leeds?
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Is Leeds Travel useful for areas other than Leeds?

Leeds Travel provides real time travel information for in and around Leeds UK. It does not provide information for other areas in the UK or the world.

Painters and Decorators Leeds?

Address: 7 Houghley Square, Leeds LS122SY Phone: 01135190190 Description: Painting and Decorating Leeds provide outstanding painting and decorating solutions in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Why was leeds bombed in World War 2?

Leeds was heavily bombed because of industrial areas. They had at least 1 major tank factory and 2 or more aircraft production areas and many factories producing small arms.

Are leeds the best?

Yes Leeds are the best LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!!!!!!!

How much does parachuting cost?

Parachuting is a part of skydiving and most people do a Tandem Skydiving Course for their first jump. This costs around £240 in the UK. The highest altitude of 15000ft can be found at Skydive Hibaldstow which is near to Leeds, Sheffield and Hull. This gives you a freefall time of around a minute and is a great introduction to the sport.

What is the address for Leeds Castle?

Leeds Castle is in Leeds in Europe.

Is leeds in Wales?

leeds is in wales

Why was leeds so popular in the 1900s?

Cos its bkoody brilliant! Best city in england easy. Leeds Leeds Leeds

Did leeds castle get invaded?

whos leeds

When was Leeds created?

Leeds was created in 1207.

Where is the Leeds Public Library in Leeds located?

The address of the Leeds Public Library is: 221 Main Street West, Leeds, 58346 0295

What is the birth name of Leeds Baxter?

Leeds Baxter's birth name is Leeds Lincoln Baxter.

Where is the Leeds - Jane Culbreth Library in Leeds located?

The address of the Leeds - Jane Culbreth Library is: 8104 Parkway Drive, Leeds, 35094 2225

Is Leeds University and Leeds Met University the same?

No. They are 2 separate universities both situated in Leeds. One is "The University of Leeds" the other is "Leeds Metrapolitan University"

What are the sponsors of Leeds rhinos?

Leeds Building Society

Why was leeds castle built?

You built leeds castle

Were do leeds utd play?

Elland Road, Leeds

What is the area of leeds in kilometers?

Leeds is 551.72 km2

Who has a strong Leeds accent?

...certain people from Leeds?

How many miles from Leeds to Yorkshire?

Leeds is in Yorkshire.

Were does leeds uniteds luciano becchio live?


When did Leeds united become Leeds city?

Leeds United never became Leeds City, it's the other way around. But anyway, the answer is Leeds United started to officially play professional football in 1919.

Why is leeds castle named leeds castle?

The name Leeds originates from the name of a chief minister of King Ethelbert IV ( 856-860) called Ledian ( it is not associated with the city of Leeds! )

Where is the Leeds Historical Society Inc in Leeds Alabama located?

The address of the Leeds Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 465, Leeds, AL 35094-0008

What is the Leeds United club song?

Marching On Together Glory Glory Leeds United Leeds rule, OK!