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No. Sting is alive and well at the age of 52, and is currently Wrestling for TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling).

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Q: Is the wrestler sting really dead?
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Is WWE wrestler Sting dead?

no..he was transferred to tna

The Wrestler Sting?

He is currently with TNA Wrestling. Sting is probably the only famous professional wrestler to have never been with the WWE

Is sting a born again wrestler?

Sting is a born again Christian

Is Sting a Christian?

If you are referring the wrestler sting then yes he is a devout Christian

How old is the wrestler Sting?

US wrestler Charles Borden Sr. aka Sting, is 58 years old (born March 20, 1959).

Is former WCW and current TNA wrestler Sting retiring or already retired?

TNA are making a retirement storyline apparently for Sting this year he hasn't really been on television as much but I think its this year when sting finally leaves i will miss him.

What is the real name for the wrestler sting?

Sting's real name is Steve Borden

How old is sting the wrestler?


Is TNA wrestler sting good?


How old is sting the tna wrestler?

Sting was born march 20,1959 so he is 50.

When will tna wrestler sting retire?

sting will retired after the no surrender pay-per viev

Where does sting the wrestler live?

Charleston, Virginia

Is wrestler sting going bald?


Is sting the wrestler retired?

no he still wrestles

How old is tna wrestler sting?

Sting is 50 years old. He was born in March 1959

Can a wasp sting after its dead?

Yes, i just stepped on a dead wasp earlier today and it stung my foot really bad.

Did sting join the WWE?

Sting the wrestler is said to have joined WWE and we can expect to be seeing him in the ring soon.

Who is Steve borden?

Sting is a professional wrestler and actor.

What is wrestler Sting's real name?

Steve Borden.

What is Steve Borden's job?

TNA Wrestler ( Sting ).

Is WWE wrestler edge really dead?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edge is not dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He's my favorite WWE SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Adam Copeland (aka Edge) is NOT dead.

Where can one purchase a Sting wrestler?

One can purchase merchandise based off the wrestler, Sting, from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of these stores include Amazon, eBay, and ShopTNA.

Is the wrestler Sting still wrestling?

he might be if you see in the rafters

How tall is tna wrestler sting?

6 ft 2

Does tna wrestler sting have any DVDs?

no he does not all he does is wrestle