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he might be if you see in the rafters

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โˆ™ 2008-03-19 17:47:25
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Q: Is the wrestler Sting still wrestling?
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The Wrestler Sting?

He is currently with TNA Wrestling. Sting is probably the only famous professional wrestler to have never been with the WWE

Is the wrestler sting really dead?

No. Sting is alive and well at the age of 52, and is currently wrestling for TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling).

Is sting the wrestler retired?

no he still wrestles

When did sting stop wrestling?

He hasn't he is still wrestling with TNA

Is wrestler 21st century fox still wrestling?

No she isn't wrestling anymore but still loves it.

How old is sting in wrestling?

he is currently 49 years of age

Is the reel sting still wrestling?


Wrestler crystal carmichael still wrestling?

Yes she is. She is wrestling under the name of Crystal White.

Did the wrestler Sting died?

He was in TNA & when Sting's contract finished he signed with WWE & now his contract with WWE has expired & is now with AEW aka All Elite Wrestling

Is wrestler crystal white still wrestling?

mr wallice

Is the wrestler sting alive?

Yes. He is very much alive and wrestling in TNAI agree he has recently won the TNA Champion title.

Is sting still wrestling?

No he got released No. He did not get released. He is still under contract to TNA

Where is the wrestler Sting?

he is still their but has not have a story line so he is not active but was spotted at one of their live events so is still with the company

Was Rob Van Dam a professional wrestler?

yes, and he is still wrestling at the show TNA

Is sting still wrestler?

Yes but he's in tna. P.S. He has the same birthday as the person who wrote this: Me! [True]

Who is us champion of wrestling?

WWE wrestler is the united states champion since 2013 he still is in2014

Wwf wrestling and icon sting?

Sting did not sign a wrestling contract with WWE he signed a merchandise contract.

Is sting a born again wrestler?

Sting is a born again Christian

Is Sting a Christian?

If you are referring the wrestler sting then yes he is a devout Christian

What is going to happen to sting the wrestler?

sting is in tna still and is currently back in the red and black nwo wolfpack paint and is currently teaming with former wolfpack member Kevin Nash

How old is the wrestler Sting?

US wrestler Charles Borden Sr. aka Sting, is 58 years old (born March 20, 1959).

What is the real name for the wrestler sting?

Sting's real name is Steve Borden

How old is sting the wrestler?


Is TNA wrestler sting good?


What is an arm wrestler?

An arm-wrestler is a person who engages in arm wrestling.