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Yes, the Rungrado May Day Stadium is the world's largest stadium with a capacity of 150,000!

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Q: Is the worlds' largest soccer stadium in North Korea?
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World's largest soccer stadium?

The largest soccer stadium is in Pyongyang, North Korea. It holds 150,000 people and was built in 1989.

What soccer stadium has largest capacity?

The Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Which city has the largest soccer stadium?

Pyongyang, the national football stadium of North Korea, a capacity of 150,000.

What is the biggest soccer stadium called?

The largest stadium by capacity (150,000 people) is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyan North Korea. It is primarily used for Soccer but it is not a Soccer specific Stadium. The largest Soccer specific stadium in the World is the Estadio Azteca (105,064 people) in Mexico City.

In what city would you find the world's largest soccer stadium?

pyongyang, north Korea

What stadium is bigger hockey or soccer?

soccer by along way the biggest soccer stadium can hold 150 thousand people which is in north Korea whilst the largest hockey stadium can only hold 45 thousand

What soccer stadium has the largest seating capacity?

Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea has a seating capacity of 150,000.

Where is the worlds largest football stadium?

The Rŭngrado May First Stadium, or May Day Stadiumin North Korea, seating a maximum of 150,000.

What is the largest soccer stadium in the world?

The answer would have to be Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, it is use for soccer mathches, Arirang performances, and a few athletic matches

What is the largest stadium?

It is in North Korea with seats for 150,000 people.

Were is the world's largest stadium?

In Pyongyang, the capital of North KOrea.

Where is the world's largest stadium located?

The world's largest stadium is located in Pyongyang, North Korea. It (Rungrado May Day Stadium) has a capacity of 150,000.

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