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Q: Is the weight of a sapphire heavy for its size?
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Is a sapphire heavy?

it really depend on the size of it

Is fluorites weight heavy for its size?

is fluorite heavy

What is the difrference between weight and mass?

Weight is how heavy and object is and Mass is the size of the object!

Is a pregnant bely heavy?

A pregnant belly can be heavy, depending on the weight of the fetus and the size of the mother in general.

Why is the size and weight of a latop important?

it might be too heavy and you might drop it?

How heavy is an Xbox 360?

about half the weight of the original, although in the same size

Is pyrite heavy for its size?

Yes, pyrite is in fact heavy in weight. This is because pyrite is a type of iron. Generally speaking, iron is quite heavy to lift.

How heavy is a lamp?

A lamp's weight depends on its size and the materials it is made from. Sometimes the base has a weight added to it for added stability.

What examples are size weight and shape?

Size: As small as a mouse As big as an elephant Weight as light as a feather as heavy as lead Shape twisted like a pretzel as flat as a pancake

What was the weight and size of the first mobile phone?

it was klunkey and heavy much like a walky talky

What are the disadvantages of the Lewis gun?

Limited magazine size, fairly small cartridge, heavy weight.

Would a small piece of sapphire be heavy?

Heavy is a relative term. You need to have a comparison.