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It was just storyline

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Q: Is the undertaker vs Triple H injury serious?
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Who wins from Undertaker vs Triple H WrestleMania xxvii?

It is Undertaker

Who won Triple H vs undertaker?

Undertaker by submission move

Who won undertaker vs Triple H match wrestlemania xxvii?


Who won at WrestleMania undertaker vs Triple H?

Undertaker won resulting in 19 - 0.

How won the match Triple H vs undertaker 2011?

everyone is saying Undertaker won

Who won the match undertaker vs Triple H wrestlemania 28?

i did :)

What happened to undertaker after WrestleMania?

it depends on which wrestle mania your talking about if it's the most recent one (undertaker vs triple h wrestle mania 27) then undertaker left apparently due to injury he received from triple h (so wwe says) but he will be back he's just taking some time off for now

Who won wrestlemania 27 no holds bar match Triple H vs undertaker?

Undertaker by way of Submission

What is the best match ever at wrestlmania 27?

undertaker vs triple h

When will Undertaker vs Triple H WrestleMania?

The Undertaker and Triple h battled at wrestlemania 27 in a no barred match on April the 3 2011 at ATLANTA IN GEORGIA STADIUM

Who is gona win the triple treath match for the world title at survivor siries undertaker vs big show vs chris Jericho?

Undertaker all the way

Is Triple H vs undertaker WrestleMania 27 fake?

There match was real, the injuries were real