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He lost

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โˆ™ 2010-11-21 17:47:34
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Q: Is the undertaker going to win at bragging rights?
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Who will win at WWE bragging rights?

miz undertaker smackdown cena wwe champ

Is undertaker really dead after bragging rights?

no he has broke his soulder and he will return and win royal rumble 2011

Who won out of undertaker vs cm punk vs Batista vs Rey mysterio bragging rights?

Of course, will win Batista!!!! No, Undertaker won

Who is going to win smackdown or raw at bragging rights 2010?

Smackdown won.

Did the undertaker die at bragging rights 2011?

No, he didn't die. He was supposed to win the match but suffered injury thus making WWE to turn the story-line. And Undertaker is still alive :P

Is Batista going to win the world heavy weight champion at bragging rights?

newtest3 yes and then he will fued with taker

Is team raw going to win bragging rights 2010?

no because team smackdown are stronger the team raw

Who is going to win at bragging rights?

Orton should beat Cena so that Cena can go to Smackdown so that Smackdown have more firepower. Team Raw to beat Team Smackdown. Morrsion to beat Miz. The Animal to win the WHC so that he can make a rivaly with Undertaker.

Did which team win in WWE bragging rights team smackdown or team raw?

Team Smackdown won bragging rights 2 years straight

How did cena win the championship?

By beating Randy Orton for it at Bragging Rights

What is the current sad news in WWE?

The current bad news is that the Undertaker is out of commission after his buried alive match against his brother Kane at Bragging Rights a match that the Nexus interfered in when they attacked Undertaker to help Kane bury his brother to win the match

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