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A tight end and a wide receiver are both on offense, therefore a wide receiver would not be covering a tight end.

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Q: Is the tight end an eligible receiver if he is covered by a wide receiver?
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Why does the quarterback have to throw the football to the wide receiver?

He doesn't. He can throw to any eligible receiver, which also includes tight ends and running backs.

What is a covered tight end?

A covered Tight End is a Tight End with a Wide Receiver outside of him on the line of scrimmage. If you want a Tight End eligible for a pass, he must not be covered up by another player since the only eligible receivers are those with the correct number (not 50-79) who are either in the back field or the last men on the line of scrimmage. Therefore having a player outside of the Tight End on the line of scrimmage is "covering" him up. A covered Tight End is legal for run and pass as long as the covered Tight End is not going out for a pass.

What is the difference between a tight end and a wide receiver?

A tight end lines up within the two yard zone at the end of the offensive line. The tight end normally is comparable in size to an offensive lineman but is an eligible pass receiver. In contrast, a wide receiver can be a split end or a wing back (depending on if he lines down on the line of scrimmage or not. A wide receiver is normally tall and skinny in comparison to an offensive lineman and is normally very fast.

What is the difference between the slot receiver and the wide receiver?

What is the difference between a slot receiver and a tight end

Who invented twink?

i think it was just a word that caught on. twink i.e. a receiver who is not a tight end nor a wide receiver, too small to be tight end yet too big to be a wide receiver. also referred as a tweener

Was Hines Ward a tight end?

No. Hines Ward was a wide receiver.

Who wore the number 80 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Here is a list of Cowboys players who have worn No. 80 since 1960: 1. Ola Lee Murchison, wide receiver (1961). 2. Lee Folkins, tight end (1962-1964). 3. Gary Barnes, wide receiver (1963). 4. David McDaniels, wide receiver (1968). 5. Tony Hill, wide receiver (1977-1986). 6. Rod Barksdale, wide receiver (1987). 7. Sebron Spivey, wide receiver (1987). 8. Everett Gay, wide receiver (1988). 9. Rod Harris, wide receiver (1990). 10. Alvin Harper, wide receiver 1991-1994, 1999). 11. Oronde Gadsden, wide receiver (1995). 12. Stepfret Williams, wide receiver (1996-1997). 13. O.J. Santiago, tight end (2000). 14. Chris Fontenot, tight end (2000). 15. Reggie Swinton, wide receiver (2001-2003). 16. Tony McGee, tight end (2002-2003). 17. Cedric James, wide receiver (2003). 18. Sean Ryan, tight end (2004-2005). 19. Anthony Fasano, tight end (2006-2007). 20. Martellus Bennett, tight end (2008-2011).

Who wore No. 87 with the Dallas Cowboys?

Here is a list of Dallas Cowboys players who have worn No. 87 since 1960: 1. Nate Borden, tight end (1960-1961). 2. Andy Stynchula, defensive end (1968) 3. Billy Truax, tight end (1971-1973). 4. Ron Howard, tight end (1974-1975). 5. Jay Saldi, tight end (1976-1982). 6. Gordon Banks, wide receiver (1985-1987). 7. Kelvin Edwards, wide receiver (1987-1988). 8. Ray Alexander, wide receiver (1988-1989). 9. Derrick Shepard, wide receiver (1989-1991). 10. Alfredo Roberts, tight end (1991-1992). 11. Billy Davis, wide receiver (1995-1998). 12. Jason Tucker, wide receiver (1999-2000). 13. Ken-Yon Rambo, wide receiver (2001-2002). 14. Zuriel Smith, wide receiver (2003). 15. Dedric Ward, wide receiver (2004). 16. Andy Thorn, tight end (2006).

Who can go in motion on offense in football?

Full back,tight end, wide receiver , tackle

Can a offense player make an interception?

No, an offensive player can make a "reception." A reception can be made by a wide receiver, tight end, running back, fullback, and in rare (trick play) scenarios, even the quarterback. An interception is made by a defensive player who "intercepts" the intended, eligible receiver.

Which players are eligible to receive passes?

There are 11 players on offense, generally arranged something like this:WR1 X X X X X TESR QB WR2RBOn the front line, there are five down linemen (marked with "X"), and two other players. In my example the extra two are one wide receiver and one tight end. The players on the end of the line are eligible to receive passes.Any player coming out of the backfield is eligible to receive a pass (SR, WR2, RB)On certain trick plays, the QB can hand off the ball and then subsequently receive a pass, so the QB is also an eligible receiver.NOTE:QB = QuarterbackRB = Running BackWR1, WR2 = Wide Receiver 1 and Wide Receiver 2SR = Slot Receiver

What is the primary deffrance of the job of a wide receiver and a tight end?

The tight end will block inside on some plays and not go out for all passing plays

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