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The Texas Rangers have played in the American League even since the team left Washington in 1972 for the DFW metroplex.

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Q: Is the texas rangers a national league or american league team?
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In what league do the Texas Rangers play?

The American League.

Who won the American league baseball World Series in 2011?

The world series is between the top american league team and the top national league team. There is no american league world series. The Texas Rangers were the american league team in the World Series. The St. Louis Cardinals from the national league beat them in seven games.

MVP for the American league in 1998?

Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers.

In 1998 who was the most valuable player in the American League?

Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers.

What Texas Ranger has won the American League MVP award?

It's going to be cliff lee of the Texas rangers

Who won the American League Manager of the Year Award in 2004?

Buck Showalter - Texas Rangers

Who won the 2010 MVP award for the American league in the MLB?

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.

How many little league teams are associated with the Texas rangers?

This changes from year to year. For the 2014 season, the Texas Rangers had 8 minor league affiliates:Round Rock - AAAFrisco - AAMyrtle Beach - Advanced AHickory - ASpokane - Short Season ARangers - RookieRangers 2 - ForeignRangers 1 - Foreign

When did the American league teams start to play the National League teams?

1997 - Glenallen Hill was the first dh for the Giants vs. Rangers

Did the Texas Rangers team have a good year in 1988?

No, the Rangers record in 1988 was 70-91 and they finished 6th in the American League's West Division.

Who was in the 2010 Major League Baseball championship?

The Texas Rangers and New York Yankees met in the 2010 American League Championship Series while the San Francisco Giants did battle with the Philadelphia in the National League Championship Series and the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants won the Championship Series so that they could both advance to the 2010 World Series and do battle against one another which lead to the San Francisco Giants defeating the Texas Rangers in five games.

Who were the 1999 Major League Baseball MVP's?

The 1999 MLB MVP's were:American League: Ivan Rodriguez (Texas Rangers)National League: Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves)