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Yes, it is!

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Q: Is the shot that goes into the net for a goal counted as a shot on the shot clock in a nhl hockey game?
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What is an uncontested late game hockey goal called?

A goal

What does gtg mean in hockey?

Game Tying Goal

How do I determine the game winning goal in hockey?

It is the last goal that puts the team ahead.

How does a hockey game start after a goal is taken?

After a goal is scored, the game is restarted from a centre pass on the halfway line, by a member of the team the goal was scored against.

Would the number of goal at a hockey game be discrete or continuous?


What is an uncontested as a late game hockey goal called?

Empty netter

What is the score called if you shoot in a hockey game?

I think it is called a goal.

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

What is a score in hockey?

A score is counted by putting the puck in the net, known as a goal. The score is the number of goals scored by each team.

What does a hockey player get paid a game?

It depends on the amount of goals scored.each hockey player gets played at least $50 a goal or not

If a goalie in ice hockey does not allow a goal but does not play the full game does this count as a shut out?


Is there a name for a goal an assist and a penalty in a hockey game?

Gordie Howe hat- trick