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DEFINATELY. The service is always replayed. Whether seen or unseen, its a rule of ancient china times.

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Q: Is the service replayed in badminton?
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What does inning mean in badminton?

The inning is the term of service in badminton.

What is the service area in badminton?

The back of a badminton court is a back boundary line and long service line for singles.

What are some services related to badminton?

There are three types of services in badminton: (a) Short service (b) Long service (c) Receiver in service

What is service in badminton?

It's basically the same thiing as serving in badminton, when one who takes the first shot , is called the service .........

In badminton is back gallery allowed at service?


If a player successfully challenges a line call why is the point replayed - or is this not always the case?

It is not always the case. If a ball called out is successfully challenged the point is replayed because the opponent probably did not attempt to return the ball because of it being called OUT. However, when a first service called in is successfully challenged, the player just has the second service left.

Do you need any qualifications or training to be a umpire or service judge in badminton?


What is the service box in a badminton single game?

The badminton court is split into 8 areas on each side of the court, 4 along the back and 4 closer to the net. The 2 sections in the middle closest to the net are the service areas.

Why can't the birdie land before the service line in badminton?

because then it would be out, or a fault.

Which part of the shuttle cock should be hit first in badminton service?

The head, not the skirt.

What is the past tense of replay?


Short serve in badminton?

Hit the shuttle cock in between the first service line and the net.