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It is already a movie and a TV series.

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Q: Is the phrase Go Tigers trademarked or is the tiger face trademarked?
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What other dangers do tigers face?

Poaching. Destruction of forests and poaching of tiger prey

Do white tiger have enemys?

White tigers are extremely rare and therefore, humans are this species worst enemy. Tiger cubs face predation from larger tigers and lions but as adults, they have no natural predators.

Can a tiger eat a green anaconda?

Practically No. Tigers live in Asia while Anacondas live in South America. They dont even live close to one another. However, if there is a face off between a tiger and an anaconda, either could win. The chances of the tiger winning are high because of the tigers size and its bite force

What do you do if a tiger trys to attack you?

First of all, you should not be around wild tigers unless you are a trained proffesional that handels Tigers. If you got yourself into a dim situation, the following would help. If the tiger hasn't spotted you yet, keep still and make sure you keep quiet. Wait until the tiger is gone before moving away. If the tiger is following you, hide in a small place where the tiger can't get in, do not climb a tree. (most Tigers can climb better). If there are no hiding spots suitable, stand and face the tiger and stand up straight to increase your height and don't show fear. Tigers get intimidated by prey who are bigger and stronger then them.

What is the cause of the White Tiger's endangerment?

The White Tiger is a color variant of the Bengal tiger, not a separate type of tiger. They are rare in the wild, but all tigers face the same pressure from human activity that has reduced their habitat and placed them in danger of extinction.

Can any animal defeat tigers?

A big lion, an elephant... Depends on every situation. There are big lions and not so big tigers. There are big bears and not so big tigers. However, a big tiger, which has recently killed a prey, may face and kill a big bear, because the tiger have long and sharp claws and a huge force and much agility.

What are the issues that tigers face?

tigers umm

Where can one find pictures of black tigers?

Type 'tiger' in google images (go to then click the images link) and press enter. For a specific tiger write '"insert tiger type here" tiger'. For example 'Royal Bengal Tiger' or 'Siberian Tiger'

What do sibarian tigers eat?

We are the only thing on a food web/chain above a tiger besides decomposers and vultures who don't eat it until it is The siberean tiger is critically endangered along with every other tiger on the face of the earth.HELP SAVE SIBEREAN TIGERS B NOT HUNTING THEM. It is the onlt way

Could tigers have a mutation?

yes, the most common mutation is the white tiger, the white tiger is a strange mutation of the Bengal tiger,as for others, some are born while the mother was sitting, therefore, they have a deformed face, some sort of mutation, BUT, i have not herd of any other mutation.

What color is a Bengal tiger?

Bengal tigers are usually red-orange on their back and flanks, white on the belly and face, with dark brown or black stripes. Some Bengals are white with brown stripes. All of the famed "White Tigers" are descended from white Bengals from Rewa District, India. There are no white Siberian tigers, as is often thought.

Who would win in a fight between a tiger and a bull?

tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal