Is the phillies ALS phestival free?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No it is not. I purchased tickets that were $25.00 a piece. They entitled you to admission and 2 Autographs. They randomly give you a number and they don't tell you who is going to be there but most of the Phillies were there. I ended up buying 4 tickets for my wife and 2 kids. It is a charitable event so part of the price is deductible. Anyway we received 8 autograph tickets. When you enter the event by the left field entrance they provide you with a ALS book and a map as well as which player represents which number. We were fortunate enough to get : Cole Hamels, Jonathon Papelbon, Jimmy Rollins, Roy Halladay, Juan Pierre, Blanton, and Placido Polanco. We also had ticket for Larry Anderson and Searge but didn't go their line. It was very hot. I think close to 100 degrees but it was well run. People were bring all kinds of stuff to be signed. Some players only signed one thing others more than one thing. I saw many many interesting things people brought to have signed. Good cause, good time.

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Q: Is the phillies ALS phestival free?
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