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Panicking in freefall is not typical at all. Without mental control of your faculties you would be a liability to your self and others. On the very rare occasion, there are tandem skydivers who refuse to jump at the door. They simply land with the aircraft, however it must be stressed this is rare. The vast majority of jumpers go on the have a very enjoyable experience and it is not dominated by sheer terror. The experience is instead thrilling, exhilarating and repeatable.

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Q: Is the panic attack the first stage in the descent in parachute jumping?
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If you mean, "Where can you get into BASE jumping", then the answer is all over the world! First, it is best to start with skydiving. Take an accelerated freefall (AFF) course which is 8 jumps. Then buy your first parachute and begin to rack up the jumps. You need around 500 to really learn how to fly your parachute and know something about freefall. After that if you are really interested and have accepted the increased risks, go do a First Jump Course. There are some in Norway and some off a large bridge in the USA.

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