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No. Basketball sizes depend on the age and gender of the league. women will play with a size 6 and men will play with a size 7.

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Q: Is the olympic basketball size different than the nba size?
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Is a men's Olympic basketball bigger than a men's Olympic volleyball?

Yes the basketball is bigger.

Is the basketball hoop a different size for women than for men?

No, only the weight of the basketball is lighter.

Are all basketballs the same size?

No, basketball's in the NBA and College are the same. However, there are different sizes for different types of basketball players. Generally the women high school basketball is smaller than the mens. While the children's basketball is smaller than the adults. The normal size of a basketball is 27.

What are the Demensions of a basketball?

It depends on the type and size of the ball. For example, you could have a big basketball, but its dimensions would be different than a smaller basketball, so there really isn't a certain answer.

Why is a woman's basketball a different size than a man's basketball?

Because women are generally smaller than men which would mean their hands are a little smaller also. Allowing women to play with a smaller basketball allows them to control it better.What size are the woman's basketballs??

What size basketball is a 28.5?

This is the regulation size for womens basketball. Often this is also the sized that is prefered to be used for youth basketball as well. It is smaller than the size of a regulation men's basketball.

What is the size of the netball?

It is slightly smaller than a basketball.

What size ball does womens basketball have?

its smaller than a mens ball

Do other olympic basketball teams practice or play more than Team USA?

Pretty much Spain

What is the size difference between a women's and men's basketball?

A men's basketball is 29.5" A women's basketball is 28.5" because generally men have larger hands than females. Men basketballs are called size 7 and women's are called size 6.

Is the basketball the same size?

The women's ball is a little smaller than the mens

Why is a women's basketball a different size than a men's basketball?

The basketball is equipment and is a different size and weight for customization for the player. The idea was proposed by Karen Logan in 1978 when she wrote a 3-page proposal to the WBL, the first Women's Professional Basketball League, to create a ball that would fit women's hands because the equipment for many other sports is different, such as tennis and golf. See this reference for a full explanation: Pitts, Brenda G. 1984. Effects of a Smaller, Lighter Basketball on Skill Performance of Female Basketball Players. Dissertation; University of Alabama. This study was used by the WBCA - Women's Basketball Coaches Association - to justify adopting the ball officially for girls and women. On the average, a woman's hand is smaller than a man's hand. It is in my estimation that a basketball designed for women is smaller so that women who play organized basketball are able to handle the basketball in a manner that allows for greater control due to the smaller size of it.

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