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No, the captain is selected by the manager and could be number 1-100.

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Q: Is the number 10 always the captain of the soccer team?
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Who is the captain of the Peruvian national soccer team?

Forward, Claudio Pizarro, is the captain of the men's Peruvian soccer team.

Who is Honduras soccer team captain?

Wayne Rooney is the captain of Honduras.

Who is the captain of the Italian soccer team?


You are the captain of the soccer team and you observed a new student on the playground who seems to be good at soccer and you wanted to convince to himher to join your soccer team?

talk to the kid about joining the team by telling him how much fun you have had had as a team captain. and give examples.

Who is turkey's soccer team captain?

Arda Turan

What is Italy soccer team captain?

Fabio Cannavaro

Who is the captain for the German soccer team 2010?


Who is the captain of Slovenia's soccer team?

Robert Koren

Who is the captain for the soccer team of Netherlands?

van bommel

What is the captain's role in soccer?

they lead the team to victory

Who is captain of Australia soccer team?

Mile Jedinak

When did Landon donovan become captain of the us soccer team?

Landon Donovan isn't captain of the US National Team, Carlos Bocanegra is captain.