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The smaller end of your board is the tail, the larger being the nose. The nose is also referred to as the "catch" because it is meant to catch your foot during an ollie, so the nose is larger to better catch your foot. The tail is smaller and slightly closer to the ground for faster response and better pop. Anybody who uses the larger end of their skateboard as the tail is actually making it harder on themselves.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-21 16:51:50
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Q: Is the nose bigger than the tail of a skateboard?
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How do you know where the nose of your skateboard is?

the nose is bigger than the tail

Which end of a skateboard is the nose and which is the tail?

the nose has more pop than the tail

How do you tell the difference between the back and front of the skateboard?

the front or 'nose' is slightly larger than the back or 'tail'

How can you check if your skateboard is waterlogged?

if you have more than one skateboard you can hit the nose or the tail fat on th ground with both boards. if they song different then ones waterlogged

What Is the Nose Of a SkateBoard?

The nose of the skateboard is always a bit longer than the tail and has a bit more concave. Always. Nobody knows why they are that way or if there is even a reason for it it has just always been like that. Although Jereme Rogers released a pro model with Plan B recently that has "switch concave". This means that both the nose and tail are exactly symmetrical.

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A tech deck is a miniature skateboard.

What happens when your skateboard cracks where the trucks are?

Depends on how severe the crack is. Typically, you can still ride it, especially if the crack is running vertically (nose to tail or vice versa) rather than horizontally (toe to heel). If the crack is a little bigger, just try to be careful not to jump any stairs or land too hard on your board...unless you want it to crack all the way.

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First you get a good stance (feet a little closer together than shoulder width) than you want to STOMP the tail down with your back foot then immediately slide your front foot up towards the nose of the board to level out the board place your feet where the money signs are on the board ($_::__$_::__)

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