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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is the nba court bigger than the high school?
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small, bigger than a hampster but smaller than a cat same size as rat

What is the difference between Lancaster high school and East side high school?

one is bigger than one

Is a collage football bigger than a NFL football?

yes they are bigger than high school.

How long is a high school basketball court?

A regulation high school basketball court can be no bigger than 94 feet long by 50 feet wide. Ideal measurements are 84 feet by 50 feet. This according to National Federation of State High School Associations basketball rulebook.

Is a high school football bigger than a collage football?

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

Are NFL footballs bigger than high school footballs?

because by the time you are in the NFL you are fully grown and you are bigger than when you where in high school.

Our high school track looks bigger than the middle school track?

highschool track is the same size as middle

Is a basketball court five times bigger than a soccer field?

No, a soccer field is bigger than a basketball court.

Is a NFL football field bigger than a high school football field?

No. Same dimensions

Is the Nike vapor strike youth ball bigger than the junior?

no youth is elementary and junior is middle school and high school

Is a NFL football bigger than high school football?

No all football fields are 100 yards.

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