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Probably her companion animal.

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Q: Is the lion in Steven Universe Steven's Mother?
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What are the release dates for Steven Universe - 2013 Tiger Millionaire Steven's Lion 1-5?

Steven Universe - 2013 Tiger Millionaire Steven's Lion 1-5 was released on: USA: January 2014

Who is Uru in The Lion King?

Uru is a female lion, Mufasa and Scar's mother but exists only in some of the profit fanfiction books in the book universe. She is not an official character to the movies as she never existed in the movie universe and wasn't created by Disney.

What has the author Steven E Farley written?

Steven E. Farley has written: 'Child of the Lion'

Was Steven Spielberg involved in Lion King?

No, he wasn't.

What does a mother lion eat?

Well for a mother lion it simply eats the same as a normal lion which is usually meat :)

What is a mother lion called?

A female lion is called a lioness.

Is a lion raised by parents?

A lion cub is raised by its mother only.

Is The Lion King a real lion?

No, The Lion King is not a real lion. The Lion King is just a fictional title given to a male alpha lion who holds power over the Pridelands in The Lion King universe.

What is the name of Kovu's mother in The Lion King 2?

Officially, she has no identity. As in, the film makers have never revealed any information on her but it's left up to fanfiction. However, there was a children's book titled The Lion King: Six New Adventures wherein her name is Uru but those are not the film makers' visions and in no way offficially connected to the movie universe's story.

What is the lion's mother called?

lioness. rawr.

What do lion do when they are a kid?

they drink milk to their mother

What is the name a of a lion cub's mother?