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A man. A woman cannot match the top man in the leg press.

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Obviously a man, as me are generally, naturally, physically stronger than women

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Q: Is the leg press record held by a man or woman?
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What is the leg press record?

The leg press record belongs not to Clinton Sharpe, but to Hermann Goerner, who in 1921, leg pressed 4,123 lb.

Leg press world record?

Bobby Chiafullo holds the unofficial leg press world record. He can currently press up to 2,575 pounds and achieved this record in 2013.

What is the world record for leg press?

if your 14 and you can leg press 1,000 ur doing great

World record leg press?

Joseph Holt holds the record for the mot leg press repetitions lifting 2,465 pounds 10 times. He set this record in September of 2009.

What is the average leg press for a 14 year old?

Shoot idk....but I hav the record for my school for leg press I leg press 570 almost 600 now:)

What is the leg press world record?

The world record for leg press belongs to Hermann Goerner, who pressed a total of 2 4,123 lb. back in 1921. That's the equivalent of pressing 24 men.

Who has the National high school leg press record?

kemahl reid

What is the average wheight for a 13 year old to leg press?

A average weight for a 13 year old boy that can leg press is around 500+ But I can do 645+ and I'm 13 I'm going for a record

What is the world record leg press?

2300 pounds, there have been claims of around 3,000... but the 2300 is clearly documents on youtube.

How do you do leg presses?

You press your leg up

Are there inherent DANGERS in leg press?

To much force applied to the leg press has been known to flatten legs.

Are there benefits using a leg press machine?

Using a leg press machine is great exercise. There are many benefits to using the leg press machine such as increased muscle tone, decreased fat, and just general toning.

What are the common leg weight machines in a public gym?

leg press

How much should a 15 year-old leg press?

The age doesn't really matter. You should be able to leg press 1.8 - 2.2 your weight. For example a 100lb male should be able to leg press 180-220.

Muscles used in leg press?

The muscles used in the leg press exercise are your Quads primarily. Hamstring gets a good work out too.

What workout can you do to increase football speed?

leg press leg extension running and sprints

What is the Prime mover for leg press?


Is the leg press considered transverse plane?


How do you work out your legs?

there are a lot of excises like squats calf raises leg extensions leg curls leg pressRun .

What muscles are being used in leg press?


What muscle does leg press work?

Quadriceps, and Calves

What exercises begin with the letter l?

leg press

Does the Maxicam Leg Press Weight Machine come by UPS or by truck?

Due to the weight, the Maxicam Leg Press Weight Machine will be shipped via common carrier/truck.

Do you need special tools to assemble the Maxicam Leg Press Machine?

Any specialized tools needed to assemble the Maxicam Leg Press Machine are included with the assembly instructions.

How much do leg press machines cost?

"Leg press machines vary in cost depending on brand and quality. They may start from as little as $250 (Possibly used) To up to $1000.If you are looking for the cheapest, then checking out a used items site may be the best option for purchasing a leg press machine."

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