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Lamar Dragon is an awesome brand though! They made a quality brands with quality price. I suggest Lamar, not bad!

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Q: Is the lamar dragon a good snowboard?
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What is a good cheap snowboard?

I think Lamar or k2.ANSWER:Rome, Nitro and Ride

Where are Lamar snowboards manufactured?

lamar snowboard what is the back part of the board

What snowboard is better a lamar or sims?


Is lamar a good brand of snowboards?

It's awesome! That was the very first snowboard i got, and i loved it. I've tried many different brands and lamar is still my favorite to ride.

Which brand of goggles is cheapest?

The cheapest goggles are Dragon snowboard and ski goggles. The basic Dragon snowboard goggle model is available for the price of 25.95 dollars.

What is a good snowboard brand?

overall i think burten is the best snowboard brand if your a begginer and you dont want to spend a lot of money id go with matrix that was my first board but there r alot of good brands like ride rome ltd and lib tech and lamar

What snowboard mask manufacturer sponsors Gigi Ruf?


What are some good brands for snowboard stickers?

Some good brands for snowboard stickers are found at Eternal Snowboard Stickers as well as Zumiez. These brands carry high quality snowboard stickers with various graphics.

Is airwalk a good snowboard brand?


Is a gnu snowboard good?


Where can one purchase Lamar snowboards?

Lamar snowboards are a popular durable brand of snowboards. These boards can be purchased online or at many select snowboard retail shops. These snowboards can also be rented at ski resorts.

Is sapient a good snowboard brand?

Absolutely not

Is k2 is good snowboard brand?

Yes it is. I've known a lot of snowboarders who has K2 snowboard. and the board is durable.

Are Liquid snowboard bindings good?

yes they rock!

Can you use furniture wax on a snowboard?

No, not a good idea

How good is a morrow snowboard 1-10?


Has anyone heard of a Angel and Devil snowboard?

Nope. nope! is that a brand or a site or a player? Yeah! It is a snowboard brand with good quality.

How is Lamar university for computer science?

Lamar University is really a good university for Computer Science because of the good computer labs and lecturers.

Where can you get boots for a Lamar SE 151 snowboard?

You don't have to get special boots just for the snowboard, unless it is a step in bindings and you would have to know the kind of bindings but, you can practically use any boots that fit in to the bindings, you just gota make sure that they fit you first lol.

Are Lamar snowboards any good?

Lamar, Forum and Burton boards are all really high quality

What is a split snowboard?

A split snowboard is a snowboard that can split into skis I believe.

Where can an individual purchase a Burton dominant snowboard?

One can purchase a Burton Dominant Snowboard from all good winter sports stores, such as Pro Board Shop. Alternatively, one can buy this snowboard from webpage stores such as The Good Ride, Dog Funk and Ebay, for example.

What are good things about Mirabeau Lamar?

Hes gay

Is morrow a good snowboard brand?

Morrow is a great beginner board.

What is a liquid snowboard?

a crappy snowboard.