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No, he did not make it to the Super Bowl with the Jets. The last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl was in 1969.

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yes they are there track record is not that bad and they now have exsperienced players

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yes the jets ae gonna win every game

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Q: Is the jets going to the Super Bowl?
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Who did the jets play in the Super Bowl?

The Jets played and beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. It is the only Super Bowl the Jets have played in.

Are the New York Jets going to win the Super Bowl in 2010?


Are the jets going to win the Super Bowl?

The 2011 Super Bowl has not taken place, so all you can do is wait and see.

Colts and jets super bowl what date and time?

The Colts will not be going to the super bowl.

How man Super Bowls have the jets won?

The Jets have won one Super Bowl and that was Super Bowl III.

Have the jets ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, the Jets have won a Super Bowl. They defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III.Yes, super bowl 3

What was the last year the jets won the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl III

Who are the last 3 super bowl teams going to be?

nyc jets; dever broncos ; cicogo strikers

Did the jets win the super bowl?

No, The Giants Did.

What years did jets win 3 Super Bowls?

Jets won 1 Super Bowl in 1969

Will Tim Tebow take the jets to the super bowl?

no.and he will never win a super bowl

What was the final score in the Super Bowl when the jets won the Super Bowl in 1969?