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yes, its a tradition.

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Q: Is the host country the last to enter the stadium in the Olympics?
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Does a country have to build a stadium to host the Olympics?

yes i think

Sequence of countries in Olympics march?

At the opening ceremonies, the countries march into the stadium in alphabetical order of their country's name in the language spoken by the host country. The exceptions are that the athletes from Greece are always the first into the stadium, out of respect to the home of the Olympics, and the athletes from the host country are always last into the stadium.

Which country lead the teams in the opening parade and which came last?

According to Olympic tradition, the athletes from Greece are the first to enter the stadium and the athletes from the host country are the last to enter the stadium.

Why does host country enter stadium last?

Host country enters last because its for morale. its tradition, and it looks good and as host country it will receive all aplauses at last and the people in the stadium will be excited. you´ll like that too!

Which nation leads the parade in the Olympics in the 1928?

The 1928 Summer Games were the first in which the opening ceremony saw Greece enter the stadium first and the host country, The Netherlands, enter last. This became tradition that is continued today.

Which athletes enter the Olympic stadium last?

In the opening ceremony, the athletes from the host country enter last. In the closing ceremony, the athletes enter en masse and there is no structure as to what country's athletes enter last.

What country is the host of the 2008 Olympics?

China was the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

What order will the counties enter the stadium for the 2008 Olympics?

Countries will enter the Olympic Stadium following the alphabetical order in Mandarin (language of the host country), which is quite different from the one we use in most languages. One would expect Australia to be among the first countries to enter the Stadium but that is not going to happen since in Chinese, Australia is among the last letters of the alphabet, just close to Zambia, for example.

Who host the Olympics?

the country that it is held.

Who paid for the Olympics?

The host country

Which is the host country for Olympics?


Does the host country of the winter olympics receive funds?

Yes, the host country of the Winter Olympics does receive funds from the government.

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