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The home jersey is usually dark and the away jersey is usually light. At least with football and Basketball, those are the rules of thumb.

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Q: Is the home jersey color light or dark?
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Is the home jersey color light or dark for the New Orleans Saints?

the saints home jersey is dark

What Is the home jersey color light or dark of the New York Jets?

The home jersey is gang green

What color is the New England Patriots home jersey?

For years, the home jersey had been this... Main Color: Dark Blue Numbers: Red, Light Gray, White Name: White

What color are hockey away jerseys?

Away hockey jersey's are light color and home are dark in the NHL. It used to be the opposite a few years ago but teams can afford to wash the light jersey's. In the past, to avoid laundry, away teams used dark jersey's so not to see the dirt and not having to wash so much.But in other parts of hocky universe light is home and dark is away

Where can I find the team jersey color for game day in the NFL?

Home team wears their dark jerseys, away team wears light color or white jerseys.

What is the namibian rugby jersey color?

Light blue home colours and white away

What color is the home jersey for the New England Patriots?

the patriots home jersey color is blue

Colors of the Buffalo Bills?

Baby blue, white and dark blue, home jersey color should be baby blue.

What color is Ginger?

Dark or Light Orange, i should now i come from Scotland "The Home of Ginger"

What color is the Texas Tech football home jersey?

The color for Texas Techs home jersey is black, red is an alternative

What color is the away jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The away jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles is much like the home jersey except the colors are reversed. On the home jerseys there is dark green and the number, logo, and name is white, on the away jersey IT IS WHITE AND THE NUMBER, LOGO, AND NAME IS DAEK GREEN. Also the alternate jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, except the dark green is replaced with black.

What color is the redskins home jersey?

Most teams wear their dark colors at home, but the redskins and cowboys wear their white uniforms at home. the redskins home uniform is white with burgandy and gold trim.

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