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Q: Is the governors box at New York Giants stadium inside?
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The New York Giants and New York Jets play in what stadium?

The New York Jets play in East Rutherford, NJ at Giants Stadium. YES!! The New York Jets and the New York Giants both play in the same stadium. The name of the current stadium the Giants and Jets play in is called MetLife Stadium.

Is MetLife Stadium the New York Jets stadium?

They play in Meadowlands Stadium so the answer is a stadium

How many doors are in the giants stadium?

Their are ONLY and I mean ONLY 4 doors are in the New York Giants Stadium.

Where is the ny giants practice facility?

The contact information for the New York Giants: New York Football Giants Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 935-8111

Are the New York Giants building a new stadium?

It has been completed. The New York Giants began playing in their new stadium in 2010. It was originally named New Meadowlands Stadium, but is now MetLife Stadium.

Who are the ny giants?

The New York Giants are a NFL team. They play in the Meadowlands stadium.

How come the Minnesota vikings and the New York Giants played at ford field and not new york?

this was because the viking's stadium fell and the giants stadium was taken by the Jet's The Jet's and the Giants share the meadow lands.

Do the New York Giants and New York Jets play at the same stadium?

Yes, they both play at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

At which stadium did Ireland record a 1-0 win over Italy?

The Giants Stadium in New York.

What city do the New York Giants play in?

They play at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex. It is about 5 miles west of Manhattan island in New York, and is also the home field of the New York Jets.

Where is the New York giants stadium locared?

East Rutherford, New Jersey

When will the Super Bowl be played at giants stadium?

Giants Stadium no longer exists, but the 2014 Super Bowl will be played at New Meadowlands Stadium, the home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets since 2010.