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Q: Is the game of squash played indoors or outdoors?
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Is badminton an outdoor game or an indoor game?

Badminton can be played indoors or outdoors. However, most competitive matches are played inside.

Is basketball an indoor game?

Basketball can be played either outdoors or indoors. A popular college sport in America.

Where was Squash first played?

Squash was first played in London but it was not an offical game as such.

Is the game of squash played inside or outside?

Squash is played in an indoor court.

Are you supposed to play curling outside or inside?

Nowadays, curling is almost always played indoors on artificial ice surfaces either at curling clubs or in larger arenas for tournaments. However, the origins of the game are outdoors, with the game originating on frozen lakes. Today, there are still some games played in the traditional manner outdoors and a few novelty events played outside, but for the most part professional curling has entirely moved indoors.

Where is the game squash played?

you play squash in a special squash court normally found at the gym.

What countries is the game squash played in?

Squash is more played in: England, Egypt, Pakistan, the Netherlands and Australia.

What is a word to crowd or squeeze and is game played on a court?

Squash is a game played on a court.

How big is a speed ball field?

If you are asking about the game which is a combination of American Football, soccer, basketball and rugby, then the size of the field depends--as it can be played indoors or outdoors.If played outdoors, Speedball is generally played on a soccer or football field. If played indoors, it is played on a basketball court.I found another definition for speedball--and that is a variation of Paintball play. With this game, the field size isn't standardized, so it would depend on where you are playing.

What is the name given to a game played indoors?

indoor games

How does hockey have the longest season?

Hockey is played indoors. Therefor temperature doesn't have an effect on the game. Were sports such as baseball and soccer are played outdoors and are shortened because of weather. Hockey also needs a long season because of it's toughness.

What was the score of the first softball game ever played?

the score was 40 to 41 and played indoors

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