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No.... both the sports are played in Old Trafford but different stadiums

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Q: Is the football stadium old trafford and cricket ground in the same place?
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What is the name of Manchester United's stadium?

Old trafford, it shares it's name with the cricket ground in Manchester, which is close by to the football stadium, old trafford

What is the name of the Manchester United Stadium?

Old trafford, it shares it's name with the cricket ground in Manchester, which is close by to the football stadium, old trafford

Food prices at old trafford cricket ground?

Food prices at the Old Trafford cricket ground are reasonable. For a pie and a pint of beer it will only cost 5.5 pounds or $8. There are also plenty of vendors outside the stadium with great food and prices.

What is Australia's national football stadium?

MCG, or Melbourne Cricket Ground.

What is Australia national football stadium?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground A.K.A MCG

Which cricket stadium is the pakistan's biggest cricket stadium?

Peshawar Cricket Ground

What is Old Trafford Football Ground's postcode?

what is the postcode of mufc - old trafford

Where was Manchester united's original ground?

"North Road" was a football stadium and cricket field in Newton Heath, Manchester, England. It was the first home of Manchester United Football Club - then known as Newton Heath Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Football Club - from its foundation in 1878 until 1893, when the club moved to a new ground at Bank Street, Clayton their second ground before Old Trafford.

What is old trafford football ground made of?


What is the highest football ground in Europe?

Old trafford

Which football team has its ground in two countries?

No major club has a stadium in two countries man utd only has old Trafford because it's been built in Manchester and it will only be the only stadium for them so basically no football team has a stadium in two countries. International football have camps but not two different grounds

Which is the big ground football or cricket?


Which cricket stadium is known as the 'home ground of cricket'?


What is the seating capacity of Manchester United's home stadium?

The Old Trafford Ground (their home stadium) seats 76, 212.

Which EPL team has the biggest stadium?

Old Trafford, Manchester United's home ground

Which is the Largest English football ground?

Old Trafford (Manchester United)

Best premiership football ground?

Probably Old Trafford or The Emirates.

Which is the smallest cricket ground in India?

Holkar cricket stadium in Madhya Pradesh.

How many cricket stadium in Bangladesh?

Two ground

What is the seating capacity of Old Trafford Football Ground?

75,957 people can be seated.

What is the world's largest cricket stadium?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G), Melbourne, Australia, is the largest cricket stadium in the world with a capacity of holding 100018 people at a time.

What would Man Utd's Old Trafford Football Ground capacity be if it were symmetrical?


What is the biggest soccer stadium in the UK?

Wembley stadium will be the largest football ground when it is complete seating around 90000 people although this is only a venue for England matches and cup finals. Old Trafford the home of Manchester United is the largest premier league ground holding around 70000 fans.

How much does the Manchester united stadium hold?

Old Trafford, Manchester United's home ground, has a capacity of 75,811.

How big is the football stadium City Ground?

City Ground Football Stadium, home of Nottingham Forest Football Club holds 30.602 people and is the 22nd largest football ground in England. The field dimensions are 115 yards by 78 yards.