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no way

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Q: Is the famous Brazilian soccer player named Pele dead?
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Is there a soccer player named caca?

There is a famous Brazilian soccer player named Kaka. He plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish Primera League. There is a german player named cacau, but he is less known and he plays for VFB Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga.

Is naymar a Mexican soccer player?

There is no such player named Naymar of Mexican origin. You may be referring to Neymar, who currently plays for FC Barcelona and the Brazilian Nation Soccer Team.

Can you Name some famous soccer stars?

Some famous players are ronaldinio(its hard to spell the name) which is in the Brazilian team,Pele which was a very famous soccer player and was named worlds best soccer player, David beckham which u can say is world famous, and manye others but i cant seem to remember more names.there is also Mia hamm which is number 9 Maradona who i belive is number 10 and then there is also Fernando Torres. i know alot of these names because i love soccer!!!!!!!

Who was named best soccer player of 2006?

Ronaldinho was named as the best soccer player in 2006.

Are there any famous people that live in Portsmouth?

yes there is a soccer player in Portsmouth named aaron mokoena

Which player was named FIFA world player in1993?

It was the Brazilian footballer Romario.

Who is Philippe Sendero's girlfriend?

As of September 2014, Philippe Senderos is married to a woman named Sara, who is originally from Iran. Senderos is a famous soccer player from Switzerland.

Who was the first black woman soccer player?

The first black woman soccer player was named Briana Scurry. She was the goalkeeper. As of 2014, she is now retired.

Who is the best soccer player as of right now?

It is a kid named Ismail Ibragimov and a man named Lionel Messi

What is Brazilian currency named?


Who are famous people in Guatemala?

Ricardo Arjona is one famous person in Guatemala. He is a song-writer, musician and Grammy International Award winner. Also, the famous soccer player named Carlos â??El Pescaditoâ??â?? Ruiz is famous in his homeland of Guatemala.

What are some of Spain's important people?

A soccer player from spain named fernando torres

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