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No, the image in the Patriots "Flying Elvis" logo is not Elvis. According to the creator of the logo Ken Loh (see link to article below), the image was originally designed as a stylized minute man with a trailing flag. According to Loh, the "sideburn" is actually the minuteman's cheek.

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Q: Is the face on the Patriots helmet Elvis?
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When did the Patriots football team change their helmets?

The Patriots changed the helmet logo in 1992. They went from Pat Patriot to the current Flying Elvis logo.

Who is the face of the New England Patriots logo?

Officialy the face is Pat Patriot. Unofficially he is known as Flying Elvis.

What NFL team does Elvis Fisher play for?

Elvis Fisher plays for the England Patriots.

What is on the New England Patriots helmet?

it is the picture of a patriot

What position does Elvis Fisher play?

Elvis Fisher plays Offensive Tackle for the England Patriots.

Did Roger Goodell fine the New England Patriots player that had a helmet to helmet hit against Hines Ward?


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What is an armet?

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What kind of face mask can you put on the m11 helmet?

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What does 31 on patriots helmets mean?

It means the helmet belongs to whoever wears no. 31 jersey. Every player has their jersey no. on their helmet. The helmet is made to fit that player only so it garantees the helmet will fit

Whose picture is used for the New England Patriots emblem?

The "flying Elvis"

What is the name of the patriot on the New England patriot helmet?

The Patriot on the helmet does not have an official name but is unofficially referred to as "Flying Elvis." The mascot's name is Pat Patriot.