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Q: Is the designated hitter important
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What year was the designated hitter rule put into effect?

The designated hitter rule was put in effect in 1973.

When was Josรฉ Morales - designated hitter - born?

José Morales - designated hitter - was born on 1944-12-30.

When was Randy Johnson - designated hitter - born?

Randy Johnson - designated hitter - was born on 1958-08-15.

If the designated hitter enters the game as a position player what happens to his spot in the batting order?

If the designated hitter takes over a position player's spot, that player is no longer in the game, and the Designated Hitter spot is opened up.

What is a player who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher called?

Designated Hitter.

When was the first idea for the designated hitter?

The first known idea for a designated hitter came in 1908 from Connie Mack, the manager for the Philadelphia Athletics, but it wasn't until April 6, 1973 that the first official designated hitter was used.

Why is there a Designated Hitter the American league?

there is a designated hitter in the American league because the pitchers don't bat so they take there spots

Who is the Designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox for this season?

In 2009 the Designated Hitter for the Boston Redsox was David Ortiz (Big Papi)

Who had the First hit by a designated hitter?

Tony Oliva. Ron Blomberg was he first designated hitter, but he went hitless in a day game.

When did designated hitter start?


When designated hitter started?


What does dh mean in baseball stats?

I think a dh stands for the designated hitter. This is an individual that is not a regular part of the 9 person baseball team, but is actually the 10th person and is used only to substitue as a designated hitter.Designated Hitter

Could Jackie Robinson the first black to pplay in major league baseball have watched a game having a designated hitter?

your mom is a designated hitter(:

What does DH stand for in a lineup?

Designated Hitter

What position is DH in baseball?

Designated Hitter.

Does the designated hitter run the bases?


What does DH stand for in baseball?

Designated Hitter

What is the DH?

The designated hitter and he hits for the pitcher.

What year was the Designated Hitter in baseball?


How many home runs did the greatest home run hitter hit as as designated hitter?

Barry Bonds hit 10 of his career 762 home runs as a designated hitter during interleague play.

Who was the New York Yankees opening day designated hitter in 2009?

In 2009, the opening day designated hitter was Hideki Matsui. In 2010, it will be Nick Johnson.

What is the dh rule?

The Rule fo the DH - or the Designated Hitter - is basiccally the fac tthat hte Designated Hitter shall bat in place of the pitcher int eh American League of Professional Baseball Franchises. For more information on the Designated Hitter, please see

What is a DH on a baseball roster?

DH stands for Designated Hitter. The Designated hitter does not play on the field defensively and is usually the strongest hitter on the team - such as David Ortiz and Frank Thomas. The national league teams do not have a DH

Can you have a designated hitter in the national league championship series?

No. The National League only has a designated hitter if the NL team is playing an inter-league game in an AL park.

In baseball can designated hitter automatically switch position with any other player?

Yes, but if that occurs the team loses the designated hitter and the pitcher replaces the DH in the lineup.